Creating a unique cloud proposition for Digital Agencies
Perfectly Picked CS - Wirehive

Their Challenge

Our Approach

After an introductory call with the executive team, a messaging workshop was organised to discuss their proposition in more detail. They had identified four segments within their market that were relevant for Indirect CSP, so the focus was on creating specific messaging for each segment in addition to an over-arching Why Wirehive message. The follow up session was also a face-to-face meeting, where the Wirehive team could collectively review, question and feedback on the messaging ideas with us.

On completion of this phase it was clear that we needed to extend our support to develop the messaging into usable tools. Working with the Marketing Director, we created a must-have list of materials to support the team.

The Solution

The phased process and collaborative activities enabled us to generate messaging and support tools that were truly reflective of the Wirehive style. Acting as an extra pair of hands for an already busy marketing team, we produced the collateral, blogs, advertising and landing copy required to support the launch of this new business area.

The final piece of the puzzle was delivered through a training session for the wider Wirehive team who were responsible for discussing this commercially with their clients.

  • Work completed on this project included:
  • Proposition and Messaging
  • Cloud Accelerator Programme
  • Channel Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Sales Training

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